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SweeDon BlossomGleam - Enchanted Rose

SweeDon BlossomGleam - Enchanted Rose

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Let the SweeDon BlossomGleam Light Up Your Nights with Enchantment

Add a magical touch to your decor with the SweeDon BlossomGleam - Enchanted Rose, where elegance meets a warm, ambient glow.

Main Features:

  • Versatile Power Options: USB or battery operated for ease of use
  • Warm LED Lighting: Offers a gentle, inviting glow
  • Adjustable Branches: Bendable for personalized decoration
  • Elegant Flower Designs: Available in rose, maple, and more
  • Portable and Lightweight: Ideal for any room or festive occasion

A Symphony of Light and Nature The SweeDon BlossomGleam brings the delicate beauty of nature indoors with its lifelike rose design, illuminated by warm white LED bulbs to create a serene atmosphere in any space.

Craft Your Floral Landscape The flexible branches can be shaped to your liking, allowing for a unique display that fits perfectly into your personal decor narrative.

Measurements for the Ideal Display:

  • Tree Height: 45-50 cm (17.72-19.69 inches)
  • Base Size: 10 x 10 cm (3.94 x 3.94 inches)

Effortless Ambiance Control Switch between a subtle shimmer and a radiant glow with the simple on/off switch, making it perfect for holiday celebrations or as a daily charming light source.

Certified Safety and Quality With certifications like EMC, ROHS, LVD, FCC, CCC, and CE, you can trust in the safety and quality of the BlossomGleam as it brightens your home.

Package Includes:

  • 1 LED Tabletop Bonsai Tree Light
  • 1 USB Cable (1M/3.3ft)

Please Note: Batteries are not included and it's recommended to use either USB or batteries, as both cannot be used simultaneously.

Transform any corner into a cozy nook with the SweeDon BlossomGleam. Whether for a romantic dinner, a festive celebration, or simply to enjoy a tranquil evening, this LED Bonsai will be the highlight of your home. Get your BlossomGleam today and bask in its peaceful glow!

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