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SweeDon CapsulElla

SweeDon CapsulElla

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Step Out in Style with SweeDon CapsulElla – Where compact design meets ultimate sun and rain protection for the savvy traveler.

  • UV Protection: Equipped with a black coating panel for superior UV defense.
  • Portability: Ultra-compact, 5-fold design with a folded size of just 19 cm / 7 inches.
  • Durability: Robust metal construction with six sturdy ribs for resilience against the elements.
  • Versatility: Perfect for both sunny and rainy conditions, a true all-weather accessory.
  • Design: Sleek and fashionable, tailored for the modern woman on the go.

Sun-Smart Technology
The SweeDon CapsulElla is your shield against the sun's harmful rays, boasting UPF 50+ protection. Its specialized black coating ensures you stay cool and protected, no matter the weather.

Travel-Ready Companion
This mini umbrella is an essential item for every traveler's kit. At a mere 18 cm when folded, it's the epitome of convenience. Slip it into your handbag or suitcase for instant accessibility.

Rain or Shine Reliability
Don't let unpredictable weather dampen your spirits. With the CapsulElla, you're prepared for sudden downpours or glaring sunshine, ensuring your outdoor adventures are never compromised.

Elegant and Functional
Merging elegance with functionality, this umbrella's sleek design doesn't just look good; it stands up to the elements, making it as practical as it is stylish.

User-Friendly Experience
Forget the hassle of traditional umbrellas; the non-automatic folding feature of the CapsulElla means it's easy to handle, even when your hands are full.

Detailed Guide:

  • Use: Ideal for daily use, travel, and outdoor events.
  • Important Information: Compact when folded, yet provides ample coverage when open.
  • Benefits: Portable, stylish sun and rain protection with UPF 50+ rating.
  • Warnings: Handle with care to maintain the integrity of the folding mechanism.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x SweeDon CapsulElla UV Protective Umbrella
  • 1 x Protective Capsule Case

Features at a Glance:

  • UPF 50+ UV Protection
  • Durable Metal Frame
  • Five-Fold, Compact Design
  • Chic, Travel-Friendly Case

Embrace the elements with confidence using the SweeDon CapsulElla, your ultimate accessory for sun and rain protection. Add this versatile, stylish, and portable umbrella to your collection today!

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