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SweeDon EssenceJet Pro - Portable Perfume Spray Bottles

SweeDon EssenceJet Pro - Portable Perfume Spray Bottles

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Unveil the Freedom of Fragrance with SweeDon EssenceJet Pro!

Unlock the art of carrying fragrance with SweeDon EssenceJet Pro - the sleek, portable perfume spray bottle for the scent connoisseur on the move!

Main Features:

  • Innovative Bottom-Filling Design for hassle-free refills without additional tools.
  • Superfine Atomization Nozzle ensures your perfume is evenly dispersed.
  • Travel-Ready Elegance in a range of stylish colors to match your personality.
  • Leak-Proof Assurance with a quality gasket to prevent leakage and evaporation.
  • Premium Construction with a synthetic glass inner container and a metal spray.

Your Scent, Your Rules

Effortless Refill, Endless Aroma: The SweeDon EssenceJet Pro revolutionizes how you refresh your scent. The bottom direct charging design means you can refill it quickly, avoiding spills and preserving your perfume’s integrity.

Mist of Luxury: A perfume's truest essence is in its mist. With the superfine atomization nozzle, your fragrance is applied perfectly every time, providing a wide spray range and the finest mist for optimal coverage.

Designed for the Jet Setter: The EssenceJet Pro, available in six colors including Cooper, Rose, Black, Silver, Gold, and Blue, is not just a bottle, but a fashion accessory designed to reflect your style and mood wherever you go.

Quality in Every Detail: Constructed with durable synthetic glass and a metal spray, this refillable bottle is a dependable partner for any journey, ensuring your favorite scent is always at hand.

Versatility Meets Style: It's the perfect companion for storing not just your perfume but also your aftershave or makeup remover, making it essential for both men and women.

Extended Detailed Guide:

Usage: Simply align the perfume bottle tube with the base, press down gently, and watch as the clear window shows the rising level of your fragrance, indicating a successful refill.

Unique Details: The mini design makes it an unobtrusive yet stylish addition to any travel bag or purse, ready to dispense your chosen scent at a moment's notice.

Important Information: Measuring 1.6 x 8.1cm (approximately 0.63 x 3.19 inches) and weighing only 15g, the EssenceJet Pro originates from Mainland China, offering international accessibility.

Benefits: The EssenceJet Pro's design ensures that your scent is not only stored securely but also remains as potent as the day you filled it, thanks to the leak-proof gasket.

Warnings: Ensure the bottle is correctly aligned during refilling to avoid leakage and not overfill.

Package List Content:

1 x SweeDon EssenceJet Pro Portable Perfume Spray Bottle

Certificate List:

  • Complies with carry-on standards for liquids.

Features List:

  • Bottom-Filling Pump Perfume Bottle
  • Portable Travel Refillable Spray
  • Mini Empty Cosmetic Container
  • Travel Essential for Men and Women
  • Capacity: 8ml
  • Dimensions: 1.6 x 8.1cm
  • Net Weight: 15g

Elevate your travel experience with the sleek, stylish SweeDon EssenceJet Pro. Click to add this must-have accessory to your collection and embark on a sensory journey with your favorite fragrances today!

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