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SweeDon SwiftBlend Pro - Compact 6-Blade USB Juicer Cup

SweeDon SwiftBlend Pro - Compact 6-Blade USB Juicer Cup

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Unleash the Power of On-the-Go Freshness with SweeDon SwiftBlend Pro

Revitalize your day anywhere, anytime with the SweeDon SwiftBlend Pro – Your personal power-pact for fresh, smooth blends!

Main Features:

  • Portable Wireless Juicing enables fresh beverages on the move.
  • Efficient 6-Blade Technology for a perfectly smooth blend.
  • Powerful Motor & Long Battery Life promises high-performance blending.
  • Safe and Durable Materials for peace of mind.
  • Convenient Charging from multiple sources.

Portable Perfection for Fresh Blends

Freedom to Blend Anywhere: The SweeDon SwiftBlend Pro is a marvel of modern convenience. This wireless blending wizard fits seamlessly into your active lifestyle, offering the luxury of fresh juices and smoothies whenever you desire. With a compact 400ML capacity and a sports cup feature, it caters to all your mobile blending needs.

Superior Slicing with Six Blades: Armed with a six-blade serrated system made from 304 stainless steel, the SwiftBlend Pro ensures your ingredients are sliced precisely for a smooth, consistent texture. Its innovative multi-angle gyratory system works effortlessly to pulverize fruits and crush ice, making it your go-to for quick, nutritious drinks.

Unmatched Motor Might: The 21000 RPM DC motor at its core is a powerhouse, rivaling traditional blenders. Designed to swiftly cut through ice and blend to perfection, it offers a smooth, velvety output every time, cordlessly.

Sustainable & Safe: An integrated 1800MA lithium battery allows up to 8 cups per charge, reflecting both environmental consciousness and unmatched practicality. The PCTG food-grade material of its body guarantees that your health is always prioritized.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Dimensions:
    • Volume: 400ML
    • Approximate Size: 3.15" Diameter x 6.69" Height

Extended Detailed Guide:

Ease of Use: Fully charge your SwiftBlend Pro, load it with your chosen produce, and at the press of a button, enjoy the perfect blend.

Attention to Safety: Operate the blender only when off the charger, ensuring nothing impedes the blade's motion.

Healthful Benefits: Savor the freshness and nutrients of your blends, even on the busiest days.

Usage Cautions: Maintain a safe distance from the blades and keep the motor base dry at all times.

Package List Content:

  • 1 x SweeDon SwiftBlend Pro
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Certificate List:

  • CE / FCC / RoHS

Features List:

  • Portability Unmatched
  • Innovative 6-Blade Design
  • High-Velocity 21000 RPM Motor
  • Eco-Friendly 1800MA Battery
  • Health-Safe PCTG Material

Take Charge of Your Health with a Splash of Freshness: The SweeDon SwiftBlend Pro is not just a blender; it's a lifestyle change. Compact, powerful, and convenient, it's designed to fit your dynamic life. A true testament to the perfect blend of technology and practicality, it's the ideal companion for those who value nutrition and convenience.

Elevate your health game with the SweeDon SwiftBlend Pro – Seize the opportunity to infuse vitality into your life with every blend. Click now and start a fresh chapter of wellness today!

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