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SweeTot Tender Touch - Eco-Friendly Baby Imprint Kit

SweeTot Tender Touch - Eco-Friendly Baby Imprint Kit

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Preserve Precious Moments with SweeTot Tender Touch!

Freeze time and capture your little one's milestones with our eco-friendly, non-toxic imprint kit.

Main Features:

  • Eco-Friendly Material: Crafted from high-quality resin for a safe imprinting experience.
  • Vibrant Color Options: Available in black, blue, red, rose, green, and purple.
  • Perfect Size: The compact dimensions make it easy to use.
  • Complete Kit: Comes with 1 ink pad and 2 sheets for multiple prints.
  • Universal Appeal: Suitable for babies aged 0-3 years and unisex in design.

Sustainable Safety

The SweeTot Tender Touch is meticulously developed with your baby’s health and the environment in mind. Our resin material is not just non-toxic; it’s eco-friendly, ensuring your baby’s first artistic endeavors are safe and sustainable.

A Spectrum of Memories

Offered in a range of vivid colors, this kit allows you to choose the hue that best captures the essence of your baby’s personality. Whether it's the deep calm of blue or the loving touch of rose, each color adds a unique vibrancy to your memories.

Effortless and Mess-Free

Gone are the days of messy ink pads. The SweeTot Tender Touch uses a no-mess ink that’s easy to apply and clean up, so you can focus on the fun of printing, not the cleanup.

The Gift of Memories

This imprint kit isn’t just a product; it’s a treasure trove of moments. Whether for your child or as a gift, it’s the perfect way to commemorate the fleeting days of early childhood.

Quality with Every Touch

Quality is at the heart of the SweeTot brand, and this kit is no exception. Each pad is designed for durability, ensuring that your memories will last as long as the imprints themselves.

Detailed Guide:

  • Use: Gently press your baby’s hand or foot onto the ink pad, then onto the sheet.
  • Important Information: Non-toxic and safe for skin contact.
  • Benefits: Create lasting memories with a simple, clean, and safe process.
  • Warnings: Ensure to use under adult supervision.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Non-toxic ink pad (9.3x6.5x2.2 cm / 3.7x2.6x0.9 inch)
  • 2 x Sheets for imprinting


  • Safety and quality assurance certificates are included.

Features List:

  • Non-toxic, safe resin material
  • Multiple vibrant color options
  • Compact and convenient size
  • Suitable for ages 0-3 years

Embrace the joy of each giggle and wiggle with the SweeTot Tender Touch Imprint Kit. Buy now and start a beautiful collection of hands and footprints that celebrate your baby’s growth!

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